Journals Library

Manuscript preparation

There are a number of publication types you may be preparing for publication in the Journals Library, depending on your award type:

You should follow the guidance for your publication type in conjunction with this guidance on manuscript preparation. Check with the Journals Library editorial office ( if you are unsure which guidance to follow.
This section provides generic guidance you should follow for all headings applicable to your publication type.


Please ensure that you format your manuscript in line with the requirements set out below:

  • Presented in Microsoft Word
  • Use of a standard font
  • Each page should be numbered
  • A total word count should be provided for the manuscript, plus a separate word count for the scientific summary (for PGfAR and TAR reports) and abstract.
  • Quotations over 40 words in length should be displayed as a separate paragraph (please do not use text boxes)
  • Footnotes should not be used
  • Hyperlinks - please ensure that if there are any active links in your manuscript, the link text provided matches the DOI you have linked to. The production house will use the link text you have provided to create the hyperlinks