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As well as publishing full and complete accounts of research funded through NIHR programmes in the NIHR Journals Library, we also produce research through other NIHR initiatives.

This section of the website provides access to some of the other NIHR research published outside of the NIHR Journals Library. This research follows varying editorial, production and publication models, which differ to NIHR Journals Library reports, and is currently produced from the following NIHR sources.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and NIHR Collaboration on guidance for taking context into account in population health intervention research

This report is the output from a collaboration between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) and the UK National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). The report provides guidance on taking context into account in population health intervention research (PHIR) for producers, users and funders of population health intervention research (PHIR). The report includes international case examples to help researchers to think about dimensions of context that might be significant in population health interventions. The work was funded by CIHR – IPPH and NIHR.

Cochrane Programme Grants

The Cochrane Programme Grant scheme was established to provide high quality systematic reviews that will be of direct benefit to users of the NHS. The open, researcher-led scheme is run every three years, with projects covering a multitude of health and research areas, from dementia to cardiovascular disease, public health & prevention to organisation of care in the NHS.

View research published by Cochrane Programme Grants.

Evaluation of NIHR investment in Cochrane infrastructure and systematic reviews

This evaluation, was requested by the Chief Medical Officer for the Department of Health and Social Care, to consider the health and economic impact of Cochrane reviews from 2005-2014. Assessing the quantity, quality and impact of reviews on policy, practice and research, their relevance to the NHS, and the wider benefits, which contribute to the return on the NIHR investment. An independent committee was formed to lead the evaluation.

NIHR Innovation Observatory

The NIHR Innovation Observatory aims to supply timely information to key policy- and decision-makers and research funders within the English NHS about emerging health technologies that may have a significant impact on patients or the provision of health services in the near future.

View research published by the NIHR Innovation Observatory. 

NIHR Schools

The NIHR has established three national schools: the School for Primary Care Research (SPCR), the School for Public Health Research (SPHR) and the School for Social Care Research (SSCR). The national schools represent a unique collaboration between the leading academic centres in England.

School for Primary Care Research

The School for Primary Care Research (SPCR) brings together academics and practitioners in the leading academic centres for primary care research in England to conduct research to benefit patients and the public. In addition, the School provides a setting where clinical and non-clinical trainees can benefit from the leadership of researchers at the top of their field and where supplementary training, networking, mentoring and guidance is part of the added value that the School environment brings.

View research published by the School for Primary Care Research 

School for Public Health Research

Established in April 2012, the School for Public Health Research (SPHR) is a partnership between eight leading academic centres with excellence in applied public health research in England. The School aims to build the evidence base for effective public health practice. SPHR research looks at what works practically to improve population health and reduce health inequalities, what can be applied across the country and better meets the needs of policymakers, practitioners and the public. 

View research published by the School for Public Health Research

School for Social Care Research 

The School for Social Care Research (SSCR) was established in May 2009, and extended for a further five years from May 2014, to develop the evidence base to inform and improve adult social care practice in England. SSCR commissions and carries out world-class research across broad themes encompassing the wide range of care and support that is available to and used by adults; the diversity of services and service providers of adult social care; and care and support provided through and with unpaid care, communities, self-care and self-funded care.

View research published by the School for Social Care Research

For further information about NIHR research please visit the NIHR website.