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Journals Library Publication Approaches

The NIHR Journals Library has four different publication approaches to ensure that there is a full account of your NIHR-funded award which meets evidence-users' needs in a freely accessible and timely way.  You will be advised by NIHR of the publication approach to follow based on your NIHR award contract.  

Threaded Publication Model 

This is the primary approach to publishing full accounts of NIHR-funded research from programmes that are linked to the Journals Library. It is used for substantive NIHR awards that are of scientific value and benefit to a range of stakeholders and wider evidence users. This model allows for  outcomes targeted to specific audiences and end users to be written up and published via a series of articles during the life of an award. 

Please read more about the Threaded Publication Model approach.  

In some circumstances it may be more appropriate for your award to be reported  as an  Extended Research Article. However, you should only use this approach following consultation with the NIHR Journals Library Publication team. If you are unsure which approach is suitable, please contact:

Multiple Topic Award Route 

Multiple topic awards involve teams being contracted for a period, often 5 years, during which they are expected to conduct research on a specified number of topics each year. The individual output for each topic holds scientific value and serves the interests of various stakeholders and a broader audience of evidence users. 

The individual output for each topic will be reported via one of the Journals Library formats or in an external journal.  

Authors of multiple topic awards should read the Multiple topic awards guidance first. 

Single Publication route

This publication route is used for NIHR awards where a single publication can report fully and transparently on the award.  The manuscript will lay out a single account of the whole research award, providing all the relevant data and evidence to support its conclusions against the overarching research questions and objectives.  

Please look at the Single Publication route guidance for more information on which Journals Library format to follow. 

Programme Grants for Applied Research Summary report 

The Journals Library has a programme-specific publication approach for Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) awards that reflects the complex nature of the research undertaken within this programme.  

Authors of reports for the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) programme should read the PGfAR guidance first.