Journals Library


The NIHR Journals Library comprises a suite of five open access journals providing an important and permanent archive of research funded by the National Institute for Health Research. Read more about our journals.

Research Projects

The NIHR funds valuable independent research for health and social care decision makers. While some of the research programmes share common themes and complement each other, they each have different specialist funding remits and are managed by different centres on behalf of the NIHR. Read more about our research projects

Information for Libraries

Open access in perpetuity

All journals in the NIHR Journals Library are open access and, with no time limitation, can be freely accessed, downloaded, printed or copied provided the authors and the provenance of the publication are acknowledged at all times.

Ordering print copies

In addition to the online journals, available as PDFs and in HTML, black and white print versions can be ordered for a fee that covers the costs of printing, paper, and postage & packing.

To order a print copy, select the "Purchase hard copy" link in the toolkit of a particular publication and complete the form.

Including our journals in your library catalogue

The journals are indexed in NICE Evidence, Europe PubMed Central and NLM Bookshelf (accessible through PubMed Central). Health Technology Assessment journal is currently also indexed on MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library and the Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index.

Finding what’s relevant to your readers

If you are interested in the subjects covered by a specific journal, please sign up for publication alerts. We will then notify you when the specific journal publishes a new item.