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Confidential information

Your paper may include commercial-in-confidence information (information provided in confidence relating to commercial interests of the owner of the information) and/or academic-in-confidence information (information provided in confidence in circumstances where disclosure could prejudice future publication of the information in a scientific publication.

If this information will remain confidential in the time it takes for your paper to undergo the editorial process, you should strip the confidential information from the manuscript and provide details of the affected pages (with page numbers, references, tables, etc.). You should also re-write the affected content of your paper so that it is still readable without the confidential information.

Where you feel it is not possible to re-write the text or if it is likely that the information will become no longer confidential before the end of the editorial process, the information should be highlighted in yellow. Highlighted information sent to production will be redacted in the published version.

You should keep the editorial office informed about any changes in confidentiality of information as soon as possible.