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Cochrane Programme Grants

The Cochrane Programme Grant Scheme was established to provide high-quality systematic reviews that will be of direct benefit to users of the NHS. The open, researcher-led scheme is run every three years, with projects covering a multitude of health and research areas, from dementia to cardiovascular disease, and from public health & prevention to organisation of care in the NHS.

Grants are awarded to support a substantial and coherent programme of work that includes up to 40 reviews - both new Cochrane reviews and updates to existing Cochrane reviews.

The Department of Health (DH) and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) agree with the principal of Open Access to the outputs of its research, recognising that it can offer both social and economic benefits as well as aiding the development of new research and stimulating wider economic growth of the UK economy. As a publicly-funded research body, the NIHR is subject to the requirement to make the outputs from its research publicly available.

Cochrane Reviews prepared as part of the 2007 and 2010 NIHR Programme Grants, and published by 31 January 2013, must be submitted to Europe PMC as part of the NIHR open access policy.

Cochrane Protocols and Reviews prepared as part of the 2013 NIHR Programme Grants, in addition to Cochrane Protocols and Reviews published after 1 February 2014 from the 2007 and 2010 NIHR Programme Grants, will follow the usual green open access policy. This allows the author team to deposit the protocol or review into Europe PMC 12 months after publication in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR).

Cochrane Programme Grants with publications available

10/4001/01 Reviews of current treatment for BRONCHO and Asthma in adults and children
10/4001/02 Programme of centrally-managed pregnancy & childbirth systematic reviews of priority to the NHS
10/4001/03 Effective Practice and Organisation of Care in the NHS
10/4001/04 Enhancing the safety, quality and productivity of perioperative care
10/4001/05 A Programme of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Reviews and of Updates of Intervention Reviews in Dementia
10/4001/11 Evidence-based liver, pancreas, gallbladder (HPB) and general surgery
10/4001/12 Optimising care, diagnosis and treatment pathways to ensure cost effectiveness and best practice in gynaecological cancer: improving the evidence for the NHS
10/4001/13 Lifestyle and pharmacological interventions for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
10/4001/14 A programme of high priority systematic reviews in the diagnosis and treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease: an NHS partnership with the Cochrane PVD Review Group
10/4001/15 Cost effective treatments and diagnostic approaches for people with schizophrenia within the NHS
10/4001/18 Clinical and cost effectiveness of interventions for epilepsy in the NHS
13/89/03 Evidence-based diagnosis and management of upper digestive, hepato-biliary, and pancreatic disorders
13/89/04 Effective Practice and Organisation of Care in the NHS
13/89/05 Pregnancy and Childbirth systematic reviews to support clinical guidelines
13/89/08 High Priority Cochrane Reviews in Wound Prevention and Treatment
13/89/09 Safe and appropriate use of blood components
13/89/12 Evidence-based care for preterm or sick newborn infants and their families: Cochrane partnership programme
13/89/14 Evidence to guide care in adults and children with asthma
13/89/16 ‘Back to normal’: speed and quality of recovery after surgery, major injury and critical care
13/89/22 Systematic reviews of interventions which target modifiable risk factors for dementia
13/89/23 A programme of high priority umbrella reviews in the diagnosis and treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease: an NHS partnership with the Cochrane PVD Review Group
13/89/29 Addressing the unmet need of chronic pain: providing the evidence for treatments of pain