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Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Programme

The Health Services and Delivery (HS&DR) Programme aims to produce rigorous and relevant evidence to improve the quality, accessibility and organisation of health services.

We support many types of research, including primary research and evidence synthesis.

We are particularly keen to support ambitious evaluative research to improve health services. For more information on our programme remit, please visit the funding opportunties page. Our research serves a variety of key stakeholders including: NHS managers, Clinical Research Networks (CRNs), clinicians and researchers, service users and carers, and the public.

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GP Primary Care Digest

General practice is the most local part of the NHS, encompassing prevention, diagnosis, treatment and referral, and the best understood by the public.  General Practice is regarded as the front door of the local NHS for almost the whole population, and pivotal to numerous health service reforms in the UK.  The Digest summarises published evidence and insights from a selection of current NIHR research projects that deliver some answers to key questions about how the GP services can meet the numerous challenges and demands for innovation in service delivery.

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Management of serious mental health (SMI) in primary care

Improvement in primary care management of adults with SMI is central to the Mental Health Five Year Forward View and features in the plans of many Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs). The Digest summarises published evidence and insights from a selection of current NIHR research projects. Evidence users, such as those engaged with STPs or Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGS), may find this useful to support their plans for primary care, undertake annual health checks, make the case for investment and plan for the challenges of implementation of interventions and models. 

pdfDownload the SMI in Primary Care Digest