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A 12-month schools-based programme to encourage healthy eating and physical activity in 6- to 7-year-olds did not reduce BMI at 3 or 18 months.

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Peymane Adab, Timothy Barrett, Raj Bhopal, Janet E Cade, Alastair Canaway, Kar Keung Cheng, Joanne Clarke, Amanda Daley, Jonathan Deeks, Joan Duda, Ulf Ekelund, Emma Frew, Paramjit Gill, Tania Griffin, Karla Hemming, Kiya Hurley, Emma R Lancashire, James Martin, Eleanor McGee, Miranda J Pallan, Jayne Parry & Sandra Passmore.

Peymane Adab 1,*, Timothy Barrett 2, Raj Bhopal 3, Janet E Cade 4, Alastair Canaway 5, Kar Keung Cheng 1, Joanne Clarke 1, Amanda Daley 1, Jonathan Deeks 1, Joan Duda 6, Ulf Ekelund 7,8, Emma Frew 1, Paramjit Gill 1, Tania Griffin 1, Karla Hemming 1, Kiya Hurley 1, Emma R Lancashire 1, James Martin 1, Eleanor McGee 9, Miranda J Pallan 1, Jayne Parry 1, Sandra Passmore 10

1 Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
2 Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
3 Edinburgh Migration, Ethnicity and Health Research Group, Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
4 Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, School of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
5 Clinical Trials Unit, University of Warwick, Warwick, UK
6 School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
7 Medical Research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge, UK
8 Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway
9 Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK
10 Services for Education, Birmingham, UK
* Corresponding author Email:

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The full text of this issue is available as a PDF document from the Toolkit section on this page.

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