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HS&DR - 12/5003/02

Acute hospital care for frail older people

Project title: Acute hospital care for frail older people

Call to action: 12/5003 12/5003 - Research to test new forms of acute medical care for frail elderly patients how best to deliver Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) hospital-wide in a cost-effective way?

Research type: Primary Research

Chief investigator: Professor Stuart ParkerORCID logo

Lead Author: Professor Simon ConroyORCID logo

Contractor: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Cost: £1,038,561.00

Co-investigators: Dr Graham MartinORCID logo, Dr Martin BardsleyORCID logo, Dr Sheila Kennedy, Professor Helen RobertsORCID logo, Professor Simon ConroyORCID logo.

Started: November 2014 | Status: Published April 2019

Comprehensive geriatric assessment improves outcomes for frail older people at risk in acute hospitals, but toolkits aimed at enhancing its delivery by non-specialists require prolonged geriatrician support.

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