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Open access from start to finish

Date: 24 November 2016

A new website for the NIHR Journals Library launched today. By incorporating project information into the existing wealth of open access data, the new site provides access to the full story of NIHR research projects. This change will help to increase the impact of NIHR research, so that evidence is shared more effectively with the NHS and wider public health landscape. It will also help to ensure that research results are more easily reproduced and that there is a transparent record of the research carried out.

The NIHR was one of the world’s first health research funders to publish comprehensive accounts of their commissioned research within its own publicly and permanently available journals. The NIHR Journals Library comprises a suite of five open access peer-reviewed journals reporting results from a range of health research areas. With this new addition, the website now also showcases the initial stages of the research projects, including protocols, before the final results are available.

Professor Tom Walley CBE, Editor-in-Chief, NIHR Journals Library, commented: ‘Through the Journals Library, the NIHR is truly unique in providing open access to comprehensive accounts of its research. The pioneering addition of project information is a great move forward, offering greater context to the wealth of data generated by NIHR. This supports our ongoing commitment to open access and transparency.’ 

‘I am very pleased to see that the NIHR Journals Library now provides a thread from the research start to finish, and beyond. This new site not only leads the way in the world of publishing, but will also be of great benefit to researchers and members of the public alike.’