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NIHR Journals Library supports Peer Review Week 2018

Date: 07 September 2018

Peer Review week runs from 10th to 15th September 2018, and NIHR is backing this annual event, which brings together individuals, institutions, and organisations from across the scholarly community internationally, to spread the message that peer review is critical in the production of research.

This year’s theme of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ aims to explore a wide range of issues and challenges that this topic presents within peer review through a series of events and online discussion.

Reviewers help the NIHR at every stage of the research process.  The expertise and the perspectives of our community of reviewers underpin the practical relevance and scientific quality of NIHR research.

Here at the NIHR Journals Library reviewers play a vital role in shaping our open access reports.  Potential reviewers are identified from our extensive database of experts, from author suggestions, or from peer-to-peer recommendations, and are invited to review reports.  They provide expertise relevant to a report’s research topic and project. The Journals Library has a system of ‘single blind review’, where the authors do not know who has reviewed or edited their report, to enable both reviewers and editors to be candid and unbiased in their comments.  


Guidance for NIHR Journals Library reviewers can be found on our information for reviewers page.

Register online to join our community of reviewers.


For more information visit the Peer Review Week website.