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A new video explains best practice in use of copyrighted materials

Date: 17 December 2015

New guidance for authors, detailing best practice in acquiring permissions to re-use copyrighted material, is now available. Our short video provides advice on obtaining permissions, timelines and different kinds of resources likely to be protected by law. This is a useful resource for anyone approaching the final stages of their report.

When writing a report, you are likely to use material from other sources to support the points being made. This new guidance explains all key aspects of best practice in using copyrighted resources including:

  • Quotations
  • Charts, tables and graphs
  • Photographs, films and videos
  • Webpages and screenshots
  • Maps
  • Trademarks and advertisements
  • Software

Please keep in mind that in order to re-use any materials created by someone else, it is the author’s responsibility to request permission from the copyright holder. For useful information on when and how best to do it view Getting permission to reproduce copyrighted material. To find out more and for further guidance on permissions view our Information for authors page.

If you have any additional questions and suggestions for areas not covered by this advice, get in touch with the Journals Library team.