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Become a reviewer

Our community of reviewers includes academics, clinicians, practitioners, public health professionals and also members of the public, patients and carers. If you would like to contribute from the public, patient's or carer's perspective, please visit our public and patient involvement pages. Our diverse reviewer community plays a vital part in maintaining and improving the quality of our programmes’ projects and outputs. As a reviewer you can make a significant contribution to the NHS, public health and social care by shaping research and improving practice. Find out more about the role of the reviewer.

The comments provided by reviewers inform our decision-making process and help us identify the most important topics for research, fund the best applications and shape the final research reports published by the open access NIHR Journals Library, which are available for free search and download.

Why review for the NIHR?

  • By becoming an NIHR reviewer and reviewing research questions and project applications, you can develop a valuable insight into health research need in the NHS, public health and social care, and the standards of successful applications for funding.
  • Reviewing research briefs, proposals, and final reports can be used as evidence of continuing professional development (CPD). Where appropriate, we provide written confirmation of reviewing tasks that have been completed for inclusion in your CPD portfolio.
  • For consultant grade medical reviewers, there is the additional attraction that peer review for NIHR is recognised in Clinical Excellence Award submissions.
  • Our programmes identify the highest impact questions for UK health, so that you know the research you’re reviewing will make a real difference.
  • We only fund research of the highest scientific standard, so you can increase your insight into best practice in health research.
  • Publication of all NETSCC funded projects is peer reviewed, so there are opportunities to see and comment on the findings and research detail of excellent studies ahead of publication.

How do I become a reviewer?

Register online to join our community of professional reviewers.  To join as a member of the public, please see the become a public reviewer page.

Other ways to contribute

Opportunities also arise, around once a year, to join the committees who assess research briefs and proposals. We advertise these on our website, and usually on other relevant sites. All new members are recruited through an open appointment process involving applications and interviews.

Acknowledging reviewers 

The expertise and the perspectives of our community of reviewers underpin the practical relevance and scientific quality of NIHR research.

As a gesture of our appreciation, reviewers may be acknowledged on our website by way of a list published by each funding programme of individuals who have completed reviews during the past year. This acknowledgment is optional and can be opted out of at any time.