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Title page

Title page


Your report should have a title that is accurate, clear and short – no more than 20 words. The title is important, in part, for ensuring that relevant reviewers are found and for enabling readers to find your published report. It should say what the report is about and include, within the word limit, the main methods. If there is an RCT, that should always be mentioned. Please try to avoid using terms like “the effectiveness of” or “researching into”.

The format of the title should be: Subject: main study method + acronym (if widely used).

If the report includes a randomised control trial, please include 'RCT' in the title after the colon. For example, “Anti-psychotic drug reduction for adults with learning disabilities: the ANDREA-LD pilot RCT”.

For Programme Grants for Applied Research, use the format: “Subject: the XXX research programme”.

Your title should be submitted with your final report. It will be reviewed during the editorial process for consistency and clarity.


Please also provide a list of keywords for your report. For HTA and EME reports you should use MeSH terms for keywords.

There is a free tool available from the US National Library of Medicine that may be helpful to identify MeSH terms. It is MeSH on Demand. Authors should paste the text of the abstract from the report into the text box and then select 'Find MeSH Terms'. The program then identifies all the relevant MeSH terms based on the text pasted in the box. This will help to select relevant MeSH terms quickly and easily.


Your title page must include details of authors’ names and their institutional affiliation at the time they worked on the report (including department, full address and country). Please also provide the corresponding author’s contact details (including email, telephone number and address).

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest declaration must also appear below the authors’ names. For example:

"Competing interests: XXXX has received funding from the pharmaceutical industry to attend an influenza-related conference"


"Competing interests: None declared"

Please see the forms section for further information on the ICMJE Uniform Disclosure Form for Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI).Link open in a new window