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Reporting PPI

Reporting public and patient involvement

The NIHR promotes the involvement of patients and the public in all stages of research. The NIHR Journals Library aims to set a standard for the reporting of this involvement, in keeping with its role of providing a comprehensive archive of funded research. All reports should therefore explain how patients and the public have been involved.

You might do this by incorporating a description into the following sections:

  • Methods (sub-section identifying where patient and public involvement (PPI) was important to the study as well as where and how PPI has contributed to, for example, study design, interventions, outcomes)
  • Discussion/Conclusions (sub-section discussing impact of PPI, what worked well/ what challenges emerged relating to PPI, lessons learnt)
  • Or write up the explanation of PPI across the study in a separate appendix

You may find it useful to look at issue 15:29 of Health Technology Assessment as an example of good reporting on patient and public involvement.