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Report format

Report format

Please ensure that you format your report in line with the requirements set out below, and in the References section and Artwork preparationTables and Figures sections.

  • Your report must be presented in Microsoft Word format with 1.5-line spacing throughout (including within tables)
  • We prefer the use of a standard font
  • Each page should be numbered
  • A total word count should be provided for the report, plus a separate word count for the scientific summary and abstract(s). As of 1st January 2017, the main body of all submitted reports (excluding PGfAR reports) must not exceed 50,000 words. See Report contents for more information
  • Quotations over 40 words in length should be displayed as a separate paragraph (please do not use text boxes)
  • Footnotes should NOT be used
  • Hyperlinks - please ensure that if there are any active links in your report, the link text provided matches the URLs you have linked to. The production house will use the link text you have provided to create the hyperlinks

Supporting media

You may wish to include video or audio material with your report in order to support and enhance your research. This material will need to be considered by the reviewers and editors alongside your report to ensure that it is suitable and relevant. If you would like to include videos or audio files you should:

  • Submit media files at the same time as your final report
  • Ensure that they include the usual Acknowledgements and disclaimers required for project outputs, as well as the research project number
  • Submit supporting documents to show that participants have given approval to appear in the videos / podcasts and that this covers their use as part of the report on the NIHR Journals Library website
  •  Provide proof of permission where this is required to publish the file

We would suggest that you include videos and podcasts in your report in the same way as other supporting documents, in the appendices. It may be appropriate to reference them with a link in the main body of text to the file in an appendix.