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Supplementary material

We now have the facility to host additional material on your final report page alongside the final report. It allows you to reference/cite material that is supportive of the evidence in your report but not appropriate to include as appendices.

See  for an example of where this has been used well. Supplementary material should be uploaded when you submit you final report and there is a separate document type for this purpose.

Please note this material will not be copyedited and typeset. Therefore, it is important that the material you submit is of a suitable quality for publication.

With all supplementary material, please be sure to:

  • Use the journal naming convention to indicate the order in which the files should appear and cite them accordingly within your report (eg. “Report Supplementary Material 1”)
  • Add a list of supplementary material after the list of tables and figures within your report
  • Ensure you have proofread all supplementary material files as we will not proofread or copy edit these files after submission to the Editorial office
  • Ensure you have the correct permission in place for the material to appear online, send the editorial office proof of this and include these on your permission checklist
  • Ensure there is an in-text citation to each item of supplementary material in the main report
  • You should submit these documents with your final report on the Management Information System, using the ‘Final Report Supplementary Material’ file upload type. Please see the Report submission section for more guidance