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The appendices should include information that, while relevant to the report, is not needed to understand and judge the methods or results of the research. Important information should be in the main body of your report.

Please ensure that your appendices include the following:

  • Literature searches – where these have been carried out the full electronic search strategy for at least one major database, including line numbering in numerical order and any limits used should be included as an appendix, so that the search can be reproduced
  • Figures / tables of work-ups / formulae
  • Supplementary information about interventions
  • Supplementary analyses
  • Tables of background data (please note that tables and figures in the appendices should be numbered sequentially with those in the main body of the report, and included in the lists of tables and figures)
  • Documentation to be included in the appendices should be provided as original files, not scans or photocopies

Excessive transcripts from qualitative research should not be included. The journal editors may ask you to reduce the length of your appendices if the material is not considered relevant.