Journals Library

Threaded Publication


The Journals Library has recently implemented a new approach to publishing full accounts of NIHR-funded research. In place of a single final report, in the new model, as per an agreed Publication Plan, authors write up each component of their study individually in research articles, complemented by an overall synopsis. This synopsis draws together all the relevant summarised data and evidence to support its conclusions against the overarching research questions and objectives.

Through this model, individual core components of a study can be more rapidly available and more discoverable, whilst the benefits of the previous single report model are maintained through the synopses and consideration of the whole package of publications, during the editorial review process.

Find out more and read the latest updates about the threaded publication model, on NIHR Journals Library website. 

Multiple outputs from one award will be published at different times as and when each component is complete with an advanced online publication citation. The citation will remain with the articles until they are published in an issue at which point they will be given the journal and volume (issue) citation. The issue will be compiled and paginated when all articles and the synopsis has published online. 

Information about delivery expectation

The Publications team will contact you approximately one year before your award is due to end to talk about your study and your strategy for publication. We will agree a publication plan that will set out how you will report the funded work in the threaded publication model, and we will agree the delivery schedule for each of the articles and the synopsis. The publication plan should be agreed no later than nine months before the end of your award.

We expect all core articles agreed as part of the publication plan to be submitted to their target journals as early as appropriate within the life of the award, and no later than 14 days after the end of the award.

The synopsis must be submitted once all core articles have been submitted. The synopsis is expected to be submitted 2 weeks after a projects contract end date.

The synopsis should be accompanied by the submitted versions of any core articles targeted at external journals that have not been published at that point. These submissions are not for consideration or review by the NIHR Journals Library but are solely to assist the Editors in assessing the synopsis and assuring full transparent reporting of your award.