Journals Library

Before your final report submission deadline

Approximately three to six months before your final report due date, you will receive an email from your PGfAR programme manager alerting you to not only the expected submission date of your final report but also, instructions about the further information and documents that you will need to submit alongside it. This will be followed up with a telephone call to give you an opportunity to discuss the final report requirements further.

At this point, it would be extremely helpful if you could supply a Research Summary recording any changes from the original proposal that have affected the direction of your research programme. This summary will help the NJL team prepare editors and peer reviewers for the changes and developments since the start of your research as planned in your funded application.

You will need to keep your PGfAR programme manager contact updated regarding the actual date that you plan to submit your final report so that they, in turn, can inform the Journals Library team to enable appropriate allocation of resources.