Journals Library


Once your report has been published it is important to ensure that researchers and other users are able to find and cite your report easily. Below are some suggested methods for reaching your readership more effectively.

  • Self-archive your report by placing it in an institutional or subject repository.
  • Email your networks and post on listservs about the publication of your report.
  • Use your department website or personal webpage to add information about your report and link directly to it.
  • Optimize your report for search engines by ensuring that the title, keywords and abstract all accurately describe the content of your research.
  • Use your email signature to tell people about your report, providing a link to the NIHR Journals Library website.
  • Contribute to Wikipedia by adding your report as a reference to an article on a relevant subject (with a link) or by creating your own page.
  • Blog about your area of research and stimulate debate amongst others in the field.
  • Join academic social networking sites such as academia.eduLink open in a new window. These are online social communities for people to share research and discuss ideas.
  • Announce your report on Twitter and Facebook with a link, so that it can be picked up by other researchers and practitioners.
  • Get known in your community by going to conferences, reviewing papers for journals and joining an editorial board.
  • Add your report to your course reading list where this is appropriate.