Journals Library


You should aim to include a maximum of 25 figures in the main body of your report where possible. Figures should:

  • Be numbered consecutively (not by chapter or appendix)
  • Be legible at A4 landscape size, including a margin. This is the maximum size that a figure (or figure part) can be set at
  • Be provided with a caption below the figure.  All illustrations will be redrawn
  • Use white, black or horizontal/vertical/diagonal hatching to differentiate parts of a diagram, rather than grey shading or dots. A key defining these and any symbols used should be included within the diagram itself
  • Be included in the main body of the report
  • NOT be included in the abstract or scientific summary

Placement of figures guidance

The NIHR Journals Library website provides a platform to showcase all information about your project in one place, creating a threaded publication of your research. Because of this, some of the information that would previously have been included within the final report can now sit on your project page on the website.

Please see our guidance for where we would usually expect different types of tables, figures and other documents to be placed — in the main report, appendices or project webpage.