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Research article

Research Articles

Key principles

  • To be used for reporting individual components of the research within the Journals Library, as set out in the Publication Protocol.
  • Word count is set to 8,000 words. The intention is for the article to be reported to a similar standard of other journal research articles, whilst recognising that the word count will be larger due to NIHR’s commitment to full reporting.

Although we are changing our publication model, much of our existing guidance on particular elements or requirements of a report remains relevant. In the sections that follow, we have provided hyperlinks to our existing Information for Authors where this might be helpful.  Where relevant, reporting guidelines should be followed.

All Research Articles should include:

The Funding and Awards website project pages are an opportunity to host additional material that has been used and or created during the lifetime of the research project. Hosting these documents on the project webpage to form part of a thread of the research enables transparency and reproducibility. (see