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Threaded Publication


Please note, guidance in this section is for authors publishing under the threaded publication model. This is currently undergoing a limited implementation and therefore you should only follow this guidance if you have been advised to do so by the NIHR Journals Library Editorial Office. If you are unsure, please contact:  We expect all publications to follow our publications ethics policy and all authors to be aware of our policies.

The Journals Library is currently implementing a new approach to publishing full accounts of NIHR-funded research. In place of a single final report, in the new model authors write up each component of their study individually in research articles, complemented by an overall Synopsis, which draws together all the strands of the project. 

It is hoped that through this model, individual components of a project will be more rapidly available and more discoverable, whilst the benefits of the existing monographs will be maintained through the synopses and consideration of the whole package of publications during the editorial review process. You can also find out more about the new publication model on NIHR journal library website

Although we are changing our publication model, much of our existing guidance on particular elements or requirements of a report remains relevant. In the sections that follow, we have provided hyperlinks to our existing Information for Authors where this might be helpful.  Where relevant, reporting guidelines should be followed and the synopsis should include a structured discussion section for the whole project.

Multiple outputs from one project will be published at different times as and when each component is complete with an advanced online publication citation.  The citation will remain with the articles until they are published in an issue at which point they will be given the journal and volume (issue) citation.  The issue will be compiled and paginated when all articles and the synopsis has published online.