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Notification procedure

NIHR would like to work with award holders to better identify early, selected media opportunities and outputs which merit amplified dissemination where NIHR may be able to support the work of host institutions. 

You are required to notify your programme monitoring contact (prior to delivery of your final report) or the editorial office (once the report is in editorial review) of all media activity (e.g., press releases, media exclusive journalist briefings and accepted journal articles etc), as well as any other type of outputs that could be deemed as sensitive, impactful or newsworthy. This notification should take place as soon as reasonably practicable and a minimum of three working days prior to any journalist outreach, and should include copies of all press releases and, where possible, the relevant research papers. 

NIHR coordinating centres will work with award holders to identify a selection of projects where awards and outputs are deemed particularly newsworthy, impactful or sensitive (see NIHR policy for Assessment Criteria for Prior Notification For these selected projects, you will be asked to submit an MIS output notification for all your outputs derived from the project research, so that across NIHR will support dissemination and communication, including flagging research with sensitive outputs to DHSC. Projects will be assessed throughout their lifespan against the newsworthy and sensitivity criteria. 

To send an output notification please login to the NETSCC Management Information System. Once you have logged in:

  • Click on the ‘My Projects’ tab to access a list of your current NETSCC projects
  • Click on the NETSCC ID number for the relevant project to take you to the project details page
  • Select the action ‘Enter or Update Output Notification' and click the ‘Request’ button
  • Complete the resulting task pages to notify us of the output

We will publish details of articles published in peer review journals relating to your research project with your report.  Outputs submitted correctly will help to support the threaded publication across your project pages. 

Details of the correct format for submitting journal references are available in the references section. 

Please see the permissions and copyright  sections for information on assigning copyright and the correct acknowledgements required when publishing the results of your work elsewhere.