Journals Library

Supplementary material

The Journals Library is able to host additional material on your final report page as supplementary material. This allows you to reference additional material in your report that is not included as appendices or as project documentation.

Material should be submitted as supplementary material rather than appendices if it:

  • is indirectly related to the report, or does not add to the understanding of the report, but is provided for completeness
  • is in a medium not conducive to print (e.g. a video or a large database)
  • would take the number of appendices in the report to more than 10.

We can accept different file types including .pdf documents, .tiff files, .jpg files, videos, databases and spreadsheets. Supplementary material files are not proofread, copy-edited or typeset. Therefore, it is important that the material you submit is of a suitable quality for publication. Supplementary material files supplied along with the Draft Final Report will be sent for peer review.

As the Draft Final Report will be amended during production (e.g., during copy-editing), you should not include cross-references to parts of your main report (e.g., headings, tables, figures) in the supplementary material files.


  • Each supplementary material file should contain its own reference list, with reference numbering starting at number 1 in each file and not be linked or related to the references in the Draft Final Report.
  • Each supplementary material file should start the numbering of tables, figures or boxes from 1.
  • Supplementary material files should be listed after the list of tables and figures within your report. When the report is published, the documents are available to view on the report webpage, under the full report tab.
  • Where possible, cite supplementary material chronologically in the text
  • Use the project naming convention to name the files and indicate the order in which the files should appear (e.g., project 12/34/56 supplementary file 1 should be called 12-34-56-supp1)
  • ensure that there is an in-text citation (e.g., see Report Supplementary Material 1) to each item of supplementary material in the main report

 With all supplementary material, please:

  • have proofread all supplementary material files as we will not proofread or copy-edit these files after submission to the editorial office
  • have the correct permission in place for the material to appear online, send the editorial office proof of this and include these on your permission checklist
  • have included the relevant credit lines for any reproduced material to appear online
  • check that any logos, signatures and/or contact details have been redacted, or permission granted, as necessary.

Supplementary material files should be uploaded along with your final report on the Management Information System, using the ‘Final Report Supplementary Material’ file upload type. Please see the report submission section for more guidance.