Journals Library

The NIHR project webpages are an opportunity to host additional material that has been used and or created during the lifetime of the research project. Hosting these documents on the project webpage to form part of a thread of the research enables transparency and reproducibility.

If you haven't already provided these documents to your Monitoring manager during the research period, then please upload these with your final report on the Management Information System (MIS) using the 'Additional Editorial Documentation' file upload type. See the report submission section for more guidance.

Project documents will not be going through the editorial review or production process and, therefore, will not be peer reviewed, copy-edited, proofread or typeset. These documents are linked to the project rather than the report, but you can reference these documents within your report, using the project webpage as the reference information. Although project documentation is not peer reviewed, if they are referenced in your report please ensure the documents have been uploaded so they are available for the reviewers to view if desired. For documents directly linked to the report rather than the project please see the Appendices and  Supplementary Material sections.

Based on accessibility, and discoverability the following types of documents are best suited as project documentation:

  • protocol (these should already be on the project page, please contact your monitoring manager if not all versions are present)
  • analysis plans (Statistical Analysis Plans, Health Economic Plans, etc.)
  • documentation directly relating to the delivery and conduct of the study, for example relevant preliminary or pilot work, relevant audit reports, consent forms, other permissions
  • study-related timetables and schedules
  • material related to the project/trial management or organisational structure (e.g. TMG, TMC and DMC documentation)
  • ethics material
  • intervention manual (where relevant)
  • table(s) of excluded studies, including reasons for exclusion
  • recruitment information
  • participant information documentation*
  • dissemination and impact work such as published papers from the study, list of presentations from the study, podcasts, other related outputs
  • questionnaires
  • qualitative coding output and/or computer code (e.g. WinBUGS)
  • NICE guidance directly informed by your study
  • Cochrane reviews directly related to your study.

*The NIHR Journals Library supports the need for researchers to feedback to study participants. As part of the final reporting please include the end-of-study information sheet or any other applicable information. For more information, please see the Health Research Authority's guidance on information at the end of study.

After the final report has been submitted, subsequent project documentation can be emailed to the Editorial Assistant Research Manager who will ensure these are uploaded to the website.