Journals Library

In the Order of Authors Agreement we ask you to provide an ORCiD for all authors. The Open Researcher and Contributors ID (ORCiD) repository is an open, not-for-profit, community-driven initiative to resolve authorship confusion in scholarly work. When you register for an ORCiD, you are given a unique 16 digit identifier which correctly distinguishes your publications and other research activities from others who may have the same, or similar, name. The registration only takes 30 seconds to complete and is free of charge. You will then be able to use your iD for all future report submissions and for any submissions to other publishers who request this information.

Once you have registered, please also add your ORCiD to your contact details on the MIS. To do this, login to the system, select ‘Profile’ from the horizontal green tabs, then select “View My Contact Details”. You will then be able to add your iD to the ORCiD field and should then select “Save and Close”. We will use your ORCiD to organise the data on the Journals Library website and to ensure all of your work is correctly assigned to you. To register for an ORCiD visit:

For more information and help with ORCiD please visit or contact the NIHR Journals Library team.