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The following four forms must be submitted with your report for all report types. Reports cannot proceed to editorial review without these forms.  Please read the information below carefully and make use of the Editorial Criteria Checklist to ensure that you have all the required information before submitting your report. 

Form Report type Details
 Editorial Criteria Checklist ((pdf, 217 KB))  All  
  • Should be completed by the lead author
  • Use it as a guide when preparing your report
 ICMJE Uniform Disclosure Form for Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI)  All  
  • Do not open this form in your browser. Instead, save it locally before making any edits
  • Each named author to complete this form (even if there are no competing interests)
  • Instructions are included to help you provide correct information, with a sample completed form also available on the ICMJE website
  • Do not include details of the main NIHR or MRC grant for your project in section 2 of the form. Only refer to any other payments received
  • Other funding from the NIHR (e.g Senior Investigator awards) must be declared
  • Please ensure each Author adds any NIHR committee/board memberships to section 5 of the form
  • A declaration of any conflicts of interest, or absence of, must appear on the title page of your report below the authors’ names
Order of Authors Agreement ((pdf, 218.01 KB)) All
  • Must be completed to show the order in which authors will appear in the published report
  • The lead author should arrange for each author to sign the form next to their name. They can sign different copies of the form provided that they sign in the correct position
  • Please ensure ALL authors are listed on the form in the order they appear on the title page. We can accept multiple forms as long as all author are listed on each copy
  • All authors listed must satisfy the author criteria listed on the form (see Authorship)
  • All authors must provide an ORCiD*. Please also ensure each author adds their ORCiDs
  • If your report includes more than 25 authors, please download additional pages of the Order of Authors Agreement. ((pdf, 143.2 KB))
Permissions Checklist ((pdf, 206.8 KB)) All
  • Should be used to record the permissions that you have requested and been granted for use of material that has previously been published elsewhere (see Permissions for more information)
  • Needs to be completed and submitted even if no permissions are required

  The following forms are provided for the different report types as detailed below:

Form Report type Details

Consolidated Health Economics Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS) Checklist

  • Should be submitted for all reports containing RCTs
CONSORT extension for abstracts HTA RCTs
  • Should be submitted for all HTA reports containing RCTs
PRISMA 2020 Evidence syntheses / Systematic reviews
  • Should be submitted for all reports containing systematic reviews
PRIMSA 2020 for Abstracts Evidence syntheses/ Systematic reviews
  • Can be used along with PRISMA 2020 for reports containing systematic reviews
TIDieR All
  • The NIHR Journals Library supports the principles of the TIDieR checklist and expects authors to provide descriptions of interventions that would enable others to replicate their work or implement the intervention.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the descriptions of Control Groups, Patient Information and physical information (e.g. descriptions of prescribed treatments).
TIDieR- Placebo All
  • Recommended for reports reporting placebo or sham interventions
STARD Diagnostic accuracy studies  
GRIPP2 reporting checklist Public involvement
  • Please refer to this form as a guide for reporting public and patient involvement